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Lake Park Little League

Volunteer Information



Hello Lake Park Families,

Volunteering at Lake Park is essential to keeping our program going.  We are a 100% volunteer run organization.  All fees and concession profits go right back to the kids and help keep our costs to families low.  Our concession stand is the heart of the park during game nights. It is the center for information. We have drinks and snacks for those hot (or wet and cold) evenings, we have ice and first aid for the occasional bumps and bruises and it is where our junior umpires collect their payment.  In order to keep the concession stand open we need parent volunteers to help staff it. Volunteers will be supported by a trained staff member who will open and close the stand.

This year, two teams will be responsible for one week throughout the season to help at the concession stand.  Families can sign up on or scan the QR code below to link directly to the sign up.  This week is your team’s opportunity to log your volunteer hours. Tournaments and All Star weeks will also be available to fulfill your volunteer hours.  Watch for more information on the Lake Park website!

       May 15-19  Blue Jays / Cardinals                                     June 19-23 Rangers / Royals                          

       May 22-26 Orioles / Phillies                                             June 26-30 Reds / Mets / Juniors

       May 29-July 1  Red Sox / Twins                                       July 10-14 Nationals / Dodgers / Juniors

       June 5-9    Yankees / Pirates                                              July 17-21 Cubs / Astros / Intermediate Black

       June 12-16 Athletics / Rockies                                          July 24-28 Giants / Intermediate Red

There are many other tasks that need to be done around the fields as well.  Here are just a few.

  • Rake and prep the fields before and after the game - contact team coaches to set this up

  • Empty garbage and recycling bins in large dumpsters - contact concession stand for bags

  • Pick up concession orders at Sam’s Club (weekly) - contact concession stand for days


All volunteer hours can be logged in the volunteer binder found in the concession stand!   

Lake Park is a team effort!  So please help out when you can.

Concession Stand SignUp