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2018 Baseball


Rookies(t-ball) - Ages 4 -6 $60.00

Instructional - Ages 7-8 $100.00

Minors - Ages 9-11 $125.00

Majors - Ages 9-12 $140.00

T-Shirt and Hat are included in the registration fee.

Lake Park is a 100% volunteer run organization and we need help from all families to make it it go. Parents helping in the concession stand is one of our most critical needs during the year as both a fund raiser and as the hub for information and safety. A check will be collected based on the schedule below during shirt and hat handouts. The check will be held until September 1st and will be cashed unless volunteer hours are satisfied and marked in the log book at the concession stand.

Volunteer requirements per player. *






















* Family max hours is 16 and family max volunteer fee is $350.*

**Additional volunteer hours required during Art Von for players selected to play on All-Star teams. **

Scholarships available for financial hardships. Please email for more information. 


Below is the general 2018 schedule, please take time to review as things have changed from last year.  Many factors play into the schedule due to registration numbers and weather. This is just a general idea of the commitments during the year, specifics will be posted in late April. 

Official Season for IM, Minors, Majors starts around the beginning of May depending on the field conditions and ends around July 31st. Rookies start around June 1st. For some divisions as the season goes on, practice nights may turn into game nights. Makeup games due to weather will be made up on practice nights.

This is a rough idea of game nights and practice times and may change during the season due to field availability.


  Sunday 3:00 Sunday 4:00 Sunday 5:00* Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 5:00 Friday 6:30
Field A T-ball – P T-ball – P Minors Majors Majors Minors Minors Majors – P Majors – P
Field B T-ball – P T-ball – P **709 **709 IM **709 IM 709 – P 709 – P
Field C IM – P IM – P Minors tball Minors tball Minors Majors – P Majors – P
Field D IM – P IM – P Minors Majors Majors Majors Majors Majors – P Majors – P
Field E Open Open Minors Tball IM Tball IM Open Majors – P


*Every other Sunday would be Minors Practice or Minors Make-up games

** if no inters games, 5:30 and 6:30 practice slots would be open for minors

Sunday practices would alternate every other Sunday between T-ball and IM

Minors 12 games + playoffs - 8 practices 
Im 14 Games – 8 practices
T-ball 12 games – 4 practices
Majors 12 games + playoffs – practice TBD

Minors and Majors games start at 6:00pm on game days, players must arrive by 5:00pm for warmups

T-ball and IM games start at 5:15pm or 6:45pm on game days. 5:00pm and 6:30pm for warmups. 


New 2018 Bat Rules

Little League International will be adopting a new baseball bat certification in 2018.  This means any and all bats purchased in 2017 or prior will NOT be legal to use after the 2017 baseball season; or as the rule reads beginning January 1, 2018.  This affects all levels from T-Ball and up. To see the new identification certification stamp and for more information go to

Please keep in mind this change is being enforced by Little League International and Lake Park does not have the option to opt out.