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League Policies

Game Cancellations

Rain is always an issue in the summer. Games will be played in the rain as long as the field does not become unsafe. Games will not be played if there is lightning or thunder in the immediate area. Because storms can pass through quickly, when a game is called due to weather conditions, depending on those conditions, the players and their parents may be asked to wait in their vehicles for up to 15 minutes to see if the weather clears enough to allow the games to be resumed. Because the league covers a large geographic area, the players and parents should never assume that because it is raining in their area, it is raining at the fields. Please assume the game will be played unless you are notified otherwise.

The decision will be made on game day between 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. No cancellations because of weather should be made by the coaches unless both teams and their coaches are at the field. All previous games that have been canceled by the league or coaches need to be made up before the start of the playoffs.


Pitch Counts for 2012
League Age Pitches Allowed Per Day
17-18 105
13 - 16 95
11-12 85
 9 - 10 75
7 - 8  50 



To ensure that pitching rules are strictly followed, Little League now imposes a number of other strict requirements:

  • Each league must designate a scorekeeper or official  to track pitch counts as the official pitch-count recorder.
  • The pitch count recorder must provide the current pitch count for any pitcher when requested by either manager or any umpire, and notify the umpire-in-chief when a pitcher has reached the pitch limit, who will, in turn, notify the pitcher's manager that the pitcher must be removed.
  • Failure of the pitch count recorder to notify the umpire-in-chief, and/or the failure of the umpire-in-chief to notify the manager does not relief the manager of his/her responsibility to remove the pitcher when that pitcher is no longer eligible to pitch.
  • Violation of the rule can result in a protest of the game in which it occurs.

New rules on rest periods

In general, the new rules add extra days for pitchers regardless of age and lower the threshold for pitches triggering extra days off between taking the mound.  The old rules set different rules for pitchers league age 16 and under and league age 17 and 18.  The new rules establish different rules for pitchers league age 14 and under and league age 15 to 18. Reflecting new research findings about the risk of injury to pitches who throw the most pitches, the new rules require a fourth day of rest - not required for a pitcher of any age at any pitch count under the old rules - for pitchers throwing 66 pitches or more for younger pitchers (7 to 14) and 76 pitches or more for older pitchers (15 to 18).  


Rest requirements: Pitchers league ages 7 to 14

Number of pitches in a day Number of Calendar Days of Rest before Pitching Again
66 or more 4
51 to 65 3
36 to 50 2
21 to 35 1
1 to 20 No day of rest required

Rest requirements: Pitchers league ages 15 to 18

Number of pitches in a day Number of Calendar Days Rest before Pitching Again
76 or More 4
61 to 75 3
46 to 60 2
31 to 45 1
1 to 30 No day of rest required


Other important rules

  • Pitcher to catcher ban: any pitcher who delivers 41 or more pitches in a game may not go behind the plate to play catcher for the remainder of the day.  [Remember: once a pitcher is removed from the mound, he can only return to the mound in Little League's Junior, Senior and Big League Divisions only; except in the Big League Division, a player may not pitch in one more than one game in a day; in the Big League Division, a player may be used as a pitcher in up to two games in a day.
  • Minor league pitching: Players age 12 may not pitch in Minors division games
  • Multiple games: Players may not pitch in more than one game in a day
  • Pitches in suspended/regulation tie games charged against pitcher's eligibility.  If suspended games are resumed on another day, pitchers of record at time game was suspended will be allowed to pitch to the extent of their eligibility for that day if they have rested the proper amount of days.
  • Completion of pitching to batter: In a new ruling for 2010, if a pitcher reaches the pitch-count limit for their age while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to throw until the batter reaches bas, is thrown out, or the third out is made to complete the half-inning.

It will be up to the coach to assign someone to count pitches. Forms will be made available to each team.

There is NO intentional walk; pitchers must pitch four balls to the batter, which will then count toward his pitch count.
MAJOR LEAGUE PLAYERS: Please be advised that major league players are  ONLY guaranteed six consecutive outs in the field and one at-bat per game, and are  NOT on a rotation basis. First year players drafted into the majors are the most affected as they develop their baseball skills. This is a coach-based decision and their playing time is totally up to his/her discretion.  Players already in the majors will NOT be able to re-enter the draft. The board felt this was in the best interest in the league. If parents have an issue with this ruling they can submit a written request for the board to review.
*The Lake Park Little League Board of Directors reserves the right to exclude any 12-year-old from the requirement of playing in the majors. If by a unanimous vote of the board, the board believes that there is a significant safety issue to the 12-year-old if he/she were to play in the majors.  The 12-year-old will be allowed to play in the minors, but will NOT be allowed to pitch at that level.

Lake Park Board of Directors have voted to keep ALL 12-year-olds in the Major League Division. Little League Headquarters has made the ruling that no 13-year-olds are eligible to play in the Senior League Division. Junior and Senior League teams will continue to be equally divided.